Bridgerton Inspired Outfits to Wear

Need ideas of Bridgerton Inspired Outfits to Wear? Maybe you are looking for a Bridgerton Themed party outfit, or maybe you’re a fan of that Bridgerton aesthetic? My post on Bridgerton inspired dresses, jackets and more has ideas for many occasions, budgets, and body types. I have Bridgerton outfit ideas for men and women, modern Bridgerton outfits, and plus-size Bridgerton dresses to show you!

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Bridgerton Inspired Outfits

According to People magazine, we may not get any new episodes of Bridgerton until 2025. So clearly we need things to to while we wait.

First, you can take my quiz and find out Which Bridgerton Character Are You?

Then you can check out these Bridgerton Inspired Outfits for all your favorite characters!

Bridgerton Inspired Outfits Penelope Featherington Bridgerton

Dress Like a Bridgerton! My Bridgerton Inspired Outfits for Penelope Featherington, which include a pink satin wedding dress, a teal gown and a pale orange gown embellished with flowers.

In seasons one and two, poor Penelope wore some pretty unfortunate outfits.

But fortunately, in season three, Penelope’s glow-up occurred and she wore some stunning gowns!

Modern plus size Bridgerton Dresses Inspired by Penelope

Modern Bridgerton Dresses Inspired by Penelope. A dark teal gown, a pale pink satin gown and an embellished orange gown

penelope’s blue green glow up dress

The beaded teal (or was it emerald green?) dress that Penelope wore in season three was stunning, and I love this modern interpretation. This deep teal green gown has a wide lace neckline, banded high waist and gently flowing skirt. It’s a perfect pick for fans of Penelope. This is a plus sized Bridgerton dress pick!

Penelope’s pale pink satin wedding dress

Colin and Penelope on their wedding day!

Penelope’s pale pink satin wedding dress was jaw-droopingly gorgeous AND best of all, because it doesn’t look too bridal, it’s the perfect pick for a Bridgerton inspired prom dress, or for any high glamour event. This pink satin dress has a similar draped neckline to Penelope’s, is fitted through the waist and hips, and then gently flares out, giving it a mermaid shape. It’s stuninng and comes in S through XX-Large. If you need larger sizing, this stunning pink chiffon version has a flattering square neckline, flutter sleeves like Penelope’s and a sexy slit skirt. It comes in sizes 2-26 Plus.

penelope’s green glow up dresses on bridgerton

If you want a gorgeous dress inspired by Penelope’s array of green “glow-up” dresses, check out this beautiful chiffon regency style gown that comes in three shades of green, from pale mint to sage green to a stunning deep emerald. Sizes 0-36.

I think some of Pen’s orange and yellow dresses were fine! They just needed a make-under. My romantic pick inspired by her over-the-top floral “citrus” dresses is a romantic dream, with a ruched bodice, sweetheart neckline, and flirty tie straps. This floaty chiffon dress is perfect for a garden party or a Bridgerton inspired bridesmaid dress. I’m picturing it above in pale apricot, but it also comes in many colors, including lavender and peacock green. Size 0-28 Plus.

Want more Penelope content? Check out my book list for Penelope fans!

Bridgerton Outfits Kate Sharma Bridgerton

Dress Like a Bridgerton! My Bridgerton Inspired Outfits for Kate Sharma, which include a teal fitted coat, a lilac dress and an orange gown

Kate’s fashion, especially her color and jewelry choices, seems inspired by her no-nonsense personality plus her South Asian heritage (she spent in Bombay, where her father worked. Kate’s style combines classic Regency shapes with vibrant colors and bold jewelry.

Modern Bridgerton OUTfits Inspired by kate sharma bridgerton

Modern Bridgerton Outfits Inspired by Kate Sharma: A dark teal hunting jacket, a beautiful lilac regency dress,  and an embellished orange gown

kate sharma’s hunting outfit

I loved Kate’s feminine yet streamlined hunting outfit, which included a deep teal fitted jacket and a matching hat. If you’re feeling Kate’s teal vibe, check out this beautiful fitted teal coat that definitely has the same look. It’s also a plus-sized only piece that comes in sizes 18-44. If you need a smaller size, try this double breasted version that comes in sizes XS-XL.

kate sharma’s orange gown

Kate’s gorgeous orange gown looked amazing on her and I found a close dupe for it. This chiffon dress with floral embroidery is only available in a size L right now. I am also OBSESSED with this burnt orange velvet dress that comes in one size and one size plus and that has a bodice that can be tied in ten different ways.

kate sharma’s pale lavender dress

Finally, Kate glowed in her lilac regency dress and floral headpiece while playing croquet. This pale lavender dress is a great pick. It comes in S-XXL and has a beautiful purple velvet sash. This is another gorgeous choice with embroidery.

Bridgerton Outfits Francesca Bridgerton

Dress Like a Bridgerton! My Bridgerton Inspired Outfits for Francesca Bridgerton, which include a pale blue tweed jacket, a blue dress and a white and gold metallic dress

In season 3, Francesca dressed in ethereal pale blues, white and gold. I LOVED her beautiful puffed sleeve tweed jacket that makes a perfect modern Bridgerton inspired outfit.

Modern Bridgerton Outfits Inspired by Francesca Bridgerton: a pale blue tweed jacket, a blue gown and a white and gold embroidered gown

Francesca bridgerton embroidered gowns

Francesca glows in gold and blue. Which version of this stunning embroidered regency gown do you prefer: the white and gold or the blue? Size S-XXL.

francesca bridgerton blue tweed jacket

To be a 2024 Francesca, try this pale blue patterned jacket (size XS-XL).

For that dreamy Francesca vibe, I also love this deeper blue dress with a ruched bodice and a paler blue floral pattern. (Size S-XXL).

Bridgerton Outfits Lady Danbury

Dress Like a Bridgerton! My Bridgerton Inspired Outfits for Lady Danbury, which include a white coat, a top hat and a beautiful deep pink gown

Lady Danbury is a matchmaker and has her eye on everything and everyone. She dresses with confidence and her picks can easily translate to a modern Bridgerton look.

Modern Bridgerton Outfits Inspired by Lady Danbury: a white jacket, a deep plum gown and a top hat

If you want the lavish Bridgerton look, this long ivory fitted coat is gorgeous. It’s men’s sizing so a gender neutral option that comes in men’s S-3X). This women’s cream tweed double breasted jacket option comes in S-XL.

I adore this iridescent plum gown that Lady Danbury wore, and this gorgeous regency style option is a good pick and comes in S-3XL. This one-shoulder deep fuchsia gown is a big more modern and comes in 0-26 Plus.

The top hats that Lady D wears are so chic. This cream and black tall hat with a feather has all that Danbury swag.

Bridgerton Inspired Outfits for Men

Dress Like a Bridgerton! My Bridgerton Inspired Outfits for Colin Bridgerton, which include an embroidered waistcoat, a blue jacket, and a white shirt with a cravat

Since Colin is a star of Season 3 I’ll focus on him, but these looks are perfect for anyone who wants a men’s or gender neutral Bridgerton look!

Modern Bridgerton Outfits for men Inspired by Colin Bridgerton : a white shirt, a embroidered waistcoat, and a navy blue double breasted vest.

Vests are so in! I live in NYC and am always seeing cool looking people wearing them as a top with trousers.

This navy brocade vest is very Bridgerton (men’s S-3X), as is this stunning embroidered version in shades of gray, cream, and tea (mens S-3X).

I also LOVE this white shirt with a built in cravat. It’s so great and comes in men’s S-XXL. If you need women’s sizing, try this stunning white shirt. Such a steal and S-XXL.

Which of these looks are your favorite? Tell me in comments!

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